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Premium sake is called “tokutei meishoshu.” This classification means that the only ingredients allowed are water, rice, koji, yeast and sometimes brewer’s alcohol. All other sake is called “futsushu,” or table sake. This type of sake can include a higher amount of distilled alcohol, as well as additives such as sweeteners. About 70% of sake in Japan is futsushu!

This is the type of everyday sake that many people enjoy after work, and just like other sake categories, futsushu is very food friendly. Sip it alongside practically anything, from burgers and pub fare to noodles and sushi. It’s also kind to your budget; the futsushu available at Tippsy tops out at around $45.

While the vast majority of sake at Tippsy is premium, we do carry some delightful futsushu. Hakutsuru “Brewer’s Pride” is a tried and true example, brewed specifically with after-work relaxation in mind. Choryo “Yoshinosugi no Taru Sake” is particularly refreshing because it’s a “taru sake,” which is a type of sake that’s stored in wooden vats for a time to soak up the cedar-like flavor. (Enhance the flavor even more by drinking it out of a wooden sake cup called a “masu”!)

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