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Pasteurized once after aging

Sake typically undergoes two rounds of heat pasteurization: once after pressing and once prior to bottling. “Namachozo” sake skips the first round of pasteurization. This allows the sake to retain bright, fresh flavors — although slightly more mild than completely unpasteurized sake (“nama”). Refrigeration is key for maintaining the quality of these types of sake.

All of the sake Tippsy carries from Yaoshin Brewing Company is namachozo, so exploring their Gangi brand would be a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with this style. Often, the best food pairing options include fresh foods like seasonal veggies or light dishes like gazpacho.

Namachozo is a subcategory of sake, so you’ll find different types, such as junmai, junmai ginjo, and more. Pricing will depend on these major categories, but there is a bottle for every budget!

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