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Louie Anne Batac-Nguyen

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    The biggest shopping days may be behind us, but have you crossed off everyone on your list? Check out our Top 5 gift recommendations for your sake-loving friend or co-worker!

    1. Sake vessels

    If you’ve ever tried drinking wine out of a water glass, you know the pleasure is not quite the same! Similarly for sake, using the right vessel is important and contributes to the taste and drinking experience. Typically warm/hot sake is served in porcelain or earthenware, and chilled sake is enjoyed in small glasses. Traditionally, sake was also served in masu, square cups made of aromatic Japanese cypress or hinoki. Masu is not as well-known outside of Japan but we found a good deal here. Whether you decide to go with the modern or traditional style, don’t let your friend settle for a plain shot glass or tea cup!

    Want to include some hot sake to warm up those winter evenings? This Okunomatsu Tokubetsu Junmai is light and dry with flavors of orange, clove and toasted malt. Mmmm...

    2. Serving tray

    Holiday celebrations are also about presentation. After all, it’s a special time with good friends and family! Serving trays that can be used year-round will help set the cheerful mood. We like this round, wooden tray for its style and versatility. Sure, it’s not cherry blossom season but it’s symbolic of Japan and it can be used for many occasions.

    3. Ice bucket

    Each sake has a recommended serving temperature, which may be different from storing temperature. For sake that is best-served chilled, why not go for one of this stylish personal mini bucket? Enjoy with a Denshin “Rin” for a taste of winters in Japan (without the harshness) or the ever-popular Mio Sparkling aperitif.

    4. Sake vintage poster

    This is our favorite item on the list, but may be a little harder to find. It sets the mood for those izakaya nights even if you’re hanging out in the living room! This image with the beautiful Geisha caught our eye!

    5. Sake guidebook

    No journey would be complete without a guide. There’s so much more to Japan’s national drink than sake bombs and the standard hot sake offered in restaurants. This book discusses the ingredients and process of making sake, including rice milling, and the delicate aromas, flavors and quality that make up the various taste profiles and characteristics. Knowing more will truly enhance the sake experience! This book offers the sake enthusiast a deeper look and appreciation for the art of sake.

    P.S. If none of these hits the mark, it's probably because you know, deep down, your friend would be happiest with another bottle of premium sake! You can peruse our selection by taste, price, or category--or better yet--check out our monthly subscription box which features three different samples of sake!

    Happy Holidays!

    Louie Anne Batac-Nguyen

    Louie Anne Batac-Nguyen

    Louie Anne lived and worked in beautiful Okinawa, Japan for 10 years, and brings with her a deep appreciation for Japanese culture. As a cultural writer and editor, she seeks to share her experiences and bridge connections with fellow travelers and dining enthusiasts.

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