Sake-themed “Team Warm” Tote Bag with original artwork by Hayataro Sakitsu

“Team Warm” Tote Bag

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Tote your sake soul for the world to see

A sake themed tote for your every need! Made from natural cotton, this shoulder tote boasts original artwork by Hawaii-based artist Hayataro Sakitsu. Choose from the “Team Chill” or “Team Warm” designs to show your sake preference with style. The spacious main compartment has enough room for even the largest sake bottles, bento boxes, or anything else, as well as a nice inside pocket for odds and ends. This USA-made tote is the perfect on-the-go bag for sake-lovers the world over.

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Tactile qualities will gently guide your sake, each of them with unique shapes, body, weight and materials. Be sure to choose with all your senses.

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Just like sake with centuries old tradition, each piece has its journey. Learn and discover some modern creations along with traditional artisan creations.

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“Omotenashi,” meaning Japanese hospitality, is about choosing intentionally for every occasion. Treat yourself to something that will enhance your experience.


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